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Can you have a Boston Red Sox memorabilia collection without Ted Williams autographed memorabilia?

There are great athletes throughout time and then there are the “Immortals”.  The “Immortals” are those that distinguished themselves so much on the field of play that their names are uttered in hushed reverence.   The “Yankee Clipper” Joe DiMaggio is one of those immortals and so is "The Splendid Splinter", Ted Williams.  Ted Williams autographed memorabilia enjoys the popularity that is does because of the numerous accomplishments that marked the great career of Ted Williams. 

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Ted Williams Autographed Boston Red Sox Louisville Slugger Blone Baseball Bat
Ted Williams Autographed Boston Red Sox Louisville Slugger Blone Baseball Bat
Ricky Williams signed Heisman Authentic Mini Helmet- Mounted Hologram
Ricky Williams signed Heisman Authentic Mini Helmet- Mounted Hologram
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If you are a true baseball fan, you know that baseball is as much about history and tradition as it is about the game itself.   Fans hold dear their memories of what I call the “Immortals”.   These men left a mark on “America’s Pastime” the will never be erased.  They left moments that will never be forgotten and records that will stand the test of time.  In the 22 years that he played the game of baseball for the Boston Red Sox, Ted Williams made memories and set records that shone so brightly that time will never diminish them.  Here was a man that was literally called “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived”.  That name fit him to a tee.  Ted Williams did things with a baseball bat that few could even attempt to do.  He was a career .344 hitter that led the American League in hitting 6 times.  Given today’s players, it’s hard to imagine someone getting a hit over a third of the time that they walked up to the plate.  And in the years the Ted Williams played, the pitching was much better than it is today.  To put it in perspective, consider that to reach that mark, you would have to get a hit in one of three at bats in a game for your entire career.   His career batting average was more than enough to get him elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Just as baseball fans know the numbers well, so do Boston Red Sox fans.  One of baseball’s most famous franchises also boasts some of the most recognizable names in the history of the game.  Many of the games greats have seen their careers flow through Boston as they wore the iconic red B on their caps.    The names read like a who’s who of baseball history.  Name like the great power pitcher Pedro Martinez.  Or the stellar third baseman Mike Lowell.  You could be a fan of one of the greatest catchers of all time, Carlton Fisk or of probably the greatest designated hitter of all time, David Ortiz.   Even with greats like these in their minds, Ted Williams has to be the greatest Boson Red Sox player of all time.  The interest in Ted Williams signed memorabilia reflects that. 


Ted Williams signed memorabilia is prized and revered among collectors.   Anything bearing the signature of baseball’s greatest hitter is worth chasing until acquired.  The value of Ted Williams autographed memorabilia only grows with each passing year.  That is because there is no sign that a player will emerge to challenge his legacy.  That is why there is a high premium paid for Ted Williams signed memorabilia.  Anyone that purchases anything related to Ted Williams can rest assured that it will always be something special to both them and the world of collectors.  

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