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If you love great hitters, your collection should have some Ken Griffey Jr. autographed memorabilia

Collectors collect items for various reasons.  There may be a personal attachment to an item that one purchases.  Or an item may be related to a favorite player or team.  Sometimes collectors acquire memorabilia that fits in to a certain category.  They may collect baseball gloves from pitchers.  They might collect baseball bats from centerfielders or from great hitters.  If you collect Seattle Mariners memorabilia, you should have some Ken Griffey memorabilia. If you collect items related to great hitters, your collection will certainly be incomplete without some Ken Griffey Jr. autographed memorabilia. 

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Ken Griffey Jr 1990 Sports Illustrated
Ken Griffey Jr 1990 Sports Illustrated
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Baseball is a numbers game.  Almost everything that happens on a baseball diamond can be cataloged and studied.  The data can be broken down into simple numbers.  It’s more than just keeping score or keeping track of how many hits a player has.    It’s about using the numbers to compare players of different eras and times.  Fans like seeing if today’s players can stack up against the players of the past.  Unfortunately, few of today’s players can reach those heights.  That is why when a modern day player compiles stats that compare with the greats of the past, people take notice. One of the players that have cemented his status as one of the all time greats is Ken Griffey Jr. 


If anyone doubts the career accomplishments of Ken Griffey Jr. need only look at the numbers.  The numbers tell the story.  And it is a great story.   Griffey Jr. was a 13 time All Star and a 10 time Gold Glove winner over the length of his career.  During his career, he hit an impressive 630 home runs.   As impressive as the numbers are, they don’t begin to tell the entire story of Ken Griffey Jr.


In a time were athletes were expected to be role models, few accomplished the task like Griffey Jr.   He was one of baseball’s most recognizable players and it was not just during his time as a Seattle Mariner.   He will be remembered as one of the great Mariners of all time like Ichiro Suzuki and Alex Rodriguez. He also embodied the living spirit of baseball itself during his time with the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox.   Fans were guaranteed that Ken Griffey Jr. would give as much on the field as he would off the field.    His efforts to raise money for various charitable causes are just as legendary as his baseball accomplishments.  The sports world will probably never see an athlete the likes of Ken Griffey Jr. again.


All of his accomplishments have helped make Ken Griffey Jr. signed memorabilia extremely popular among not just collectors of baseball related memorabilia but collectors of sports related memorabilia overall.   Collectors know that the image of Ken Griffey Jr. will never be tarnished.   Owning Ken Griffey signed memorabilia will always be popular because few athletes were able to go their entire career without any real controversy.    And the value of Ken Griffey Jr. autographed memorabilia will continue to rise.   Once he makes it to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it will rise faster than one of the 630 balls that he launched over the fence.

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