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The Dallas Cowboys have been known as “America’s Team” and there is no need to wonder why.  The Cowboys have embodied the American spirit of winning and have done so with some of the greatest players that the NFL has ever seen.  True football fans know the names Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Tony Dorsett just as they know their own relatives’ names. And if you don’t know the names of the Cowboys of the past, you certainly know the names of the current stars.  Names like Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten.   Jason Witten has steadily become one of the greatest tight ends that the game has known.  He is certain to be enshrined at Canton and when he is, you will remember when you made the great decision to purchase Jason Witten autographed memorabilia.   All of those Jason Witten autographed jerseys and Jason Witten autographed footballs are available now and smart collectors are snapping them up.

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The Dallas Cowboys have become legendary for finding great talent deep in the NFL Draft.  Every team can find great players in the first two rounds of the draft, but few are the teams that find gems in the third round and below.   One of the Cowboy’s greatest third round finds was in 2003 when they drafted a standout tight end from the University of Tennessee named Christopher Jason Witten. 


Jason Witten had impressed a lot of people before he made it to the NFL.  In high school he played football and basketball.  As a football player he was a highly regarded linebacker who also played tight end.  Tennessee gave him a shot a defensive end before moving him to tight end. The need for an extra tight end would lead Witten to become one of the top tight ends in the country.   After setting records at Tennessee, he left as a junior with his sights set on the NFL.


Although Witten was good, no one could expect that he would become the phenomenal player that he did.  In just his second NFL season he was selected to the Pro Bowl.  It would be his first of 8 selections to the Pro Bowl.  Those selections were easy to make because he was setting records almost every season. Witten had become a familiar target at tight end for Tony Romo just as Jay Novacek had been for Troy Aikman.   He is the Cowboys’ all time leading receiver and holds the team record for most receptions in a game.  He also holds the NFL record for most receptions in a game by a tight end.  


Those impressive numbers mean that any piece of Jason Witten autographed memorabilia is already worth a princely sum of money.  Collectors try their best to get one of the Jason Witten autographed jerseys or Jason Witten autographed footballs.   Anything that number 82 has signed will continue to appreciate in value.  By the time that he gets to Canton, the prices of these items may be more than most could afford.  That is why the smart collectors and fans are getting their Jason Witten memorabilia now.  You may never get a chance to do so again. 

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