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Very few baseball players command so much respect that they only need one name.   In the world of professional baseball, Ichiro is one of those giants.  A man that has been able to dominate baseball both here in the United States and in his homeland of Japan.   To memorabilia collectors, he is a player whose memorabilia is some of the most prized.  If you are going to collect baseball memorabilia from around the world, Ichiro Suzuki autographed memorabilia should be at the top of your list.

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Ichiro Suzuki Signed Rawlings 2001 All Star Game Baseball (Ichiro Hologram)
Ichiro Suzuki Signed Rawlings 2001 All Star Game Baseball (Ichiro Hologram)
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Few professional athletes are known worldwide.  It takes a lot of talent to inspire fans all over the globe.  Ichiro Suzuki is one of the few names like Tiger and Beckham that every sports fan knows.   Fame like that doesn’t come easy.  It is the product of hard work and dedication.  When you look at the career of Ichiro, you can see that this dedication began at an early age.  A story that every Ichiro fan knows is the story of him and his first baseball team.  At 7 years old, Ichiro asked his father to help him become a better baseball player.  To do so, he began an intensive daily workout.  He would throw 50 pitches and field 50 balls from both the infield and outfield.   But the routine didn’t end there.  He would then hit 250 pitches thrown by his father and an additional 250 pitches from a pitching machine.   Tiger Woods is the only other athlete that showed a dedication to his craft at such an early age.  As Ichiro got older, he would resort to workouts that included hitting balls with a shovel to develop the strength in his wrists to be a great hitter.  That type of concentration and dedication would help make him the star he is today.


 In his early days in the Japanese Pacific League, Ichiro was a dynamo at the plate.  He won 3 straight Pacific League MVP awards, 7 straight batting titles and 7 Gold Glove Awards.   That type of production couldn’t go unnoticed by the scouts from Major League Baseball.  In 2000, the Seattle Mariners signed him to a 3 year /$14 million dollar contract.   The contract would make Ichiro the first Japanese born position player in the Major Leagues.   His small frame made many think that he couldn’t handle the rigors of playing in the big leagues.  Those doubters obviously didn’t know who Ichiro was.  In that first season he had a record 242 hits, a rookie record that had stood for over 70 years.  From that time until now, he has been one of the Seattle Mariners’ biggest stars.     In 2004 he would break George Sisler’s record for most hits in a season.  So far, his career in the U.S. has produced 10 All Star Game appearances and 10 Gold Gloves among other honors.  Along with players like Ken Griffey Jr. and Felix Hernandez, Ichiro has become one of the most recognizable players to ever play for the Seattle Mariners


With recognition comes fame and fame makes a player’s memorabilia worth a great deal.  Ichiro Suzuki signed memorabilia is extremely valuable to collectors both here in the U.S. and in Japan.  Anytime a collector can acquire a piece of Ichiro Suzuki autographed memorabilia, it is a great occasion.   There are so many pieces of Ichiro Suzuki autographed memorabilia that a person can acquire.  There are hats, gloves, bats and balls.  If you are a true fan of America’s Pastime, don’t ignore the great foreign players like Ichiro that have helped make the game great. 

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