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Champions are born, not created.  To be a champion in any sport, one has to be endowed at birth with the talents needed to succeed.   A champion must make their mark not only on their sport, but the entire world as well. In the worlds of professional sports and history in general, few define the word “champion” like Bill Russell.  In fact, in the dictionary beside the word champion, there should be a picture of Bill Russell and his 11 NBA championship rings.  If there is any memorabilia that you want to build a collection around, Bill Russell autographed memorabilia is the place to start. 

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Few would ever believe that the man from West Monroe, Louisiana would become a basketball player that would change the game.  Bill Russell’s early talents were in track and field, not basketball.  But a coach saw the raw talent that basketball fans would come to appreciate and encouraged Russell to dedicate his time to basketball.  Those talents would blossom throughout high school and later in college.  At the University of San Francisco, Russell averaged over 20 points and 20 rebounds.   His ability to score and play defense would give an early glimpse into what he would bring to professional basketball.  At that time in the NBA, centers were looked upon as scorers and not defenders.  In 1956, Red Auerbach thought that Russell’s skill set as a scorer and defender could make the Boston Celtics unbeatable.  Auerbach was right.  He engineered a trade that would get him Bill Russell and change the Boston Celtics forever.  After winning a Gold Medal in the 1956 Olympic Games, Russell joined the Celtics and immediately contributed.  In just half a season, he averaged over 14 points and over 19 rebounds a game.  No one had ever seen a player like that.   And given the open racism of the time, few wanted to admit that Russell was indeed that good.  But he was.  In 13 seasons, Bill Russell would win 11 NBA Championships.  No one else has even come close.


The impact that Bill Russell has had on the NBA and professional basketball as a whole is immeasurable.  Just the fact that the NBA Finals MVP award is named after him, speaks volumes.  Anything associated with him is to be treasured and revered.  That is why Bill Russell autographed memorabilia is the most highly sought after of all Boston Celtics memorabilia.  Unlike most memorabilia, there is only a limited amount of Bill Russell signed memorabilia.   Few people can say that they have a Bill Russell autographed basketball or a Bill Russell autographed jersey.   When there is only a small amount of something, the pieces available take on an even greater significance.  The simple fact is that acquiring a piece of Bill Russell signed memorabilia is the dream of every fan of basketball and every collector of sports memorabilia.  If you ever have the opportunity and the honor of acquiring a piece of memorabilia that bears the signature of probably the greatest player in NBA history, you shouldn’t think twice.  No collection will ever be complete without something representing Bill Russell

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