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A great deal is required of a person to become one of the all time greats.  You have to expect that there will be good times and bad times.  There will be fans and there will be critics.  Sometimes it may seem that there are more critics than fans.   But the person that is considered a great among their peers will have to weather these storms of criticism just as they have enjoyed the days of adulation. Alex Rodriguez is one of those athletes that seem to simultaneously have fans and critics yelling from both sides.  But one thing that everyone can agree on is his contributions to the game of baseball and the contributions to the world of collectables that Alex Rodriguez autographed memorabilia have made. 

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Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Autographed Framed 16x20 Photo
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The early days of A-Rod’s career were filled with praise.  The first years of his career with the Seattle Mariners were some of the best that anyone had ever seen from a young player.  A-Rod showed an ability to excel both in the field and at the plate.  Mariners’ fans were constantly delighted with the talent that he displayed.  As greats like Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. left Seattle, Alex Rodriguez gave the fans something to hold on to.  But the fans could only hold on but so long.  He would leave for the Texas Rangers in 2000 chasing a big deal that he would later regret signing.  But the regret never showed on the field as he continued to put up great numbers.   He continued to blow the cover off of the ball and in the process establish himself as one of the game’s great power hitters.  He would win the 2003 American League MVP in what would be his last season in Texas.  The contract would be too much for the Rangers to afford.


The move to the New York Yankees would expose him to more criticism than he had ever seen in Seattle and Arlington.   Despite the great numbers that A-Rod produced, Yankees’ fans felt cheated.  They expected big things from the combination of A-Rod with the equally talented Derek Jeter.  When the wins didn’t come quickly, the fans let Rodriguez hear it.     And they continue to let him hear it.  But the chorus of critics can ignore the fact that Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest all around players in the history of baseball.  Even with the admissions of using performance enhancing drugs, he will probably be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.   That is an honor that A-Rod richly deserves.


His career in New York helped make Alex Rodriguez signed memorabilia highly desired among astute collectors. And no matter what the ups and downs of his career were, that is how it should be.  The value of Alex Rodriguez autographed memorabilia is based on his accomplishments on the field.  If you decide to add Alex Rodriguez signed memorabilia to your collection, you will join the countless others that have expanded their memorabilia collections with items from one of the all time greats. 

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