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Once in a generation, an athlete comes into sports and changes the game for the better.  That person’s name becomes a name that all fans of the sport speak with terms of reverence and respect.  In baseball, the names of Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron cause fans to remember what they did for the game and professional sports as a whole.  Those names were from the distant past and a new generation needed a new set of heroes to look up to and to emulate.  The last decade or so gave this generation heroes that they could call their own.  Names like Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, and Albert Pujols.  But Albert Pujols has put together a career for the ages.  A career that can only be remembered by collecting as much Albert Pujols autographed memorabilia and Albert Pujols signed memorabilia as humanly possible. 

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Albert Pujols Autographed Los Angeles Angels Marucci 3000th Hit Bat BAS
Albert Pujols Autographed Los Angeles Angels Marucci 3000th Hit Bat BAS
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If you are looking for a true hero and not just a great athlete, Albert Pujols is worthy of consideration.   When other baseball players were living lives that were not what the public should emulate, Pujols was a welcome exception.  There have never been stories of him using performance enhancing drugs or associating with unsavory people.   There aren’t many professional athletes today that can be spoken of without mentioning the bad deeds that they are associated with.   But when you speak of Albert Pujols, there are only good things to talk about.  You have the spectacular years with the St. Louis Cardinals.  While with the Cardinals, he won 2 World Series Championships and 3 National League MVP awards among other honors.  He even became the first player to have a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 RBIs in each of the first ten years of his career.  To say that those numbers are Hall of Fame worthy is an understatement.  Even now, although he currently wears the uniform of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, he is still the Albert Pujols that fans are used to seeing.  He is still a great baseball player and a great philanthropist as well.   He is the type of player and the type of man that you would be proud for your son to grow up like.


If you want to collect memorabilia associated with a true hero, you should start with Albert Pujols autographed memorabilia.   The career that has so far no one has been able to replicate has given us so many objects worthy of collecting.  One item that should be in your new collection is an Albert Pujols Autographed Jersey.  Or maybe you want to remember the great hitter with an Albert Pujols Autographed Baseball Bat.  At the bare minimum, you should have an Albert Pujols Autographed baseball or some Albert Pujols Autographed Photos.  These are easy items to purchase and they are a great way to start an Albert Pujols signed memorabilia collection the right way. 


The Baseball Hall of Fame is filled with players that were good athletes but not necessarily good men.  One day, Albert Pujols will join them.  But he will not only be remembered for what he brought to baseball, but for what he brought to humanity as well. 

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